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Bare red bean although nutrient value is high, but the person that oneself had boiled bare red bean knows, dispute of bare red bean often is boiled hard sodden, want to boil sodden bare red bean quickly, be method of type of in the right way actually, before bare red bean is being boiled, had better be to use water to immerse ahead of schedule, but must not use red bean of bare of hot water bubble, it is the nutrient element prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that causes bare red bean very easily, the method of the bleb that use heat cannot be taken, had better be to use cold water bubble, how long is that bare red bean boiled?

 Bare red bean is boiled how long

How long is bare red bean boiled?

Red bean letting bare is boiled more quickly those who rot is squareLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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1, immerse night ahead of schedule.

2, fry first before red bean of the bare that boil, till bare red bean becomes angry, put rice next or polished glutinous rice is boiled together.

3, put in freezer safe refrigerant one evening, make structure of bare red bean loose, boil easily so sodden. Those who need an attention is, return in bare red beanShanghai night net

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Did not boil before rotting, do not put sugar.

What person does bare red bean suit to eat?

Oedema of ascites of cirrhosis of nephritic sex oedema, heart sex oedema, liver, hidebound sex1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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And the disease patient such as fat disease is appropriate edible.

What person cannot eat bare red bean?

Uric much person is unfavorable edible bare red bean, because bare red bean has the function of benefit water,basically be.

 Bare red bean is boiled how long

Bare red bean + tortoise + carp / yellow hen: Effect of subsidence of a swelling is better.

Bare red bean boils boiling water / the congee that boil: Postpartum the woman of the oedema after be short of grandma and eat is appropriate edible;

Bare red bean + tuckahoe: Can use at damp and hot accumulate knot pee is adverse, hematuria, lower limbs dropsy, or; of have diarrhoea dysentery

Bare red bean + business land: Relieve oedema or abdominal distension through diuresis or purgation is divided bilge, commonly used wait for disease; completely at water strut

Bare red bean + angelica: Ooze wet Qing Dynasty is hot, yu of travel of invigorate the circulation of blood, make heat goes wet divide a haemorrhage to stop oneself, can use at damp and hot to n/med having blood in one’s stool, bellyacke, hematuria;

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Bare red bean + hemp is yellow: 2 medicine all but benefit water, but hot benefit of Qing Dynasty of bare red bean is wet and subsidence of a swelling, and can alexipharmic, lung of free of hemp yellow announce enrages bladder of make known to lower levels and benefit water, have announce lung interest suitably wet,

Bare red bean + Forsythia suspensa: Can see the fire of heart classics already, benefit damp and hot and alexipharmic, usable treat damp and hot inside accumulate icteric, of chip in of damp and hot drench disease, fit of acute of pelvic infection of department of gynaecology and; of postpartum high fever

Bare red bean + cogongrass root: Enhancing benefit water detumescence while, it is certain to still haveLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
cool blood tells drenched meritorious service, can use at oedema, n/med beriberi dropsy, pee is adverse, drench shut the disease; such as hematuria

The effect of bare red bean and action:

Bare red bean has very good be good at lienal dispel effect of detumescence of water of wet, benefit. Because more black horn glucoside is contained in bare red bean, can spur alvine talk, because this can have favorable diuresis effect, can help solution wine, detoxify, ill to heart disease, nephrosis, liver oedema also has certain complementary cure effect.

In the meantime, bare red bean applies to water strut full, n/med beriberi limb is swollen, bare of icteric make water, rheumatism heats up pain or numbness caused by cold, carbuncle swollen sore is poisonous, appendicitis bellyacke.

Bare red bean is the protein in legume and adipose content less, but contain a carbohydrate is particularly much kind, suit old people edible, be aimed at carbuncle swollen pus blood, below abdominal distension full, pee the symptom such as n/med beriberi of adverse, oedema, bare red bean has better improvement the effect.

 Bare red bean is boiled how long

The nutrient value of bare red bean:

1, the black horn glucoside in bare red bean is more, can spur action to arriving since intestines and stomach, have favorable diuresis effect. Solution wine, can alexipharmic, beneficial to heart disease and nephrosis, oedema;

2, bare red bean has more prandial thread, have good embellish bowel aperient, fall blood pressure, fall hematic fat, adjust blood sugar, detoxify fights cancer, precaution calculous, strong and handsome the action; that reduce weight

3, bare red beanNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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It is the food that contains a lot offolic acid, puerpera, wet nurse eats red bean to have the effect that urges breast more.

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