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Chick-pea is a kind of very delicate food, can match one case with a lot of food edible. Chick-pea has very high nutrition value and medical treatment effect, chick-pea although quantity of heat is higher, but it can be promoted digest, have the effect with embellish aperient bowel. It is OK that chick-pea adds proper edible to often move reduce hypodermic and adipose accumulation, and can effective purify is splanchnic adipose. So a lot of friends that want thin body can choose chick-pea to reduce weight.

The effect reducing weight of chick-pea

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What calls chick-pea

Chick-pea is kind of annual grass or vivacious scramble herbaceous. Tall 1-2 rice, the bine is erect, much more ramose, by whiteA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Gland wool. Stipule is shown foliaceous, or provide 3-5 irregular toothed or lower edge has circle of egg of pod of scanty toothed; , expand, flagging, about 2 centimeters long, about 1 centimeter wide, young when green, maturity hind is flaxen, by white short fluff and gland wool, have seminal 1-4. Seed by white short fluff, black or Brown, provide furrow, one aspect of the matter has fine tip. Florescence 6-7 month, month of fruit period 8-9. Seed, tender pod, tender Miao Jun can offer edible. Mouth of eagle of be similar in shape.

The effect reducing weight of chick-pea

Chick-pea is OK reduce weight

The expression of magical action reducing weight of chick-pea is in two respects. It is, take it to be able to replace movement, make you maintain less movement to also can obtain very good result. Perhaps saying is a help you are moving. Healthy expert suggests people moves 40 minutes everyday, but can accomplish without the person almost. Soft capsule of chick-pea of fine horse god can help you move, although you are engaged in grain only everyday,motion also can obtain the effect that common bigger campaign measures. 2 be, the action with its apparent splanchnic and adipose deduction, any existent products cannot are likened to. Be expressed to body or hypodermic and adipose do not have big effect basically. Can see apparently in clinical trial.

The fruit of cure curative effect of chick-pea

Chick-pea different yellow ketone is very big to the influence of female health O, it is the plant sex that has active kind estrogen, it can defer female cell is anile, make the skin keeps stretch, raise colour, abundant breast, reduce bone to lose, facilitating bone is generated, fall hematic fat, reduce syndrome of woman the turn of life shape.

The effect reducing weight of chick-pea

Chick-pea different yellow ketone also has the proliferation that prevents cancer cell, make what cancer cell dies make1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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With. OK and very good prevention and cure is hormonal kind of cancer (be like breast cancer and prostate cancer) , it can balance hormonal level, the person that let edible gets rarely before classics unwell with hormonal pertinent question (like ovarian cyst) worry.

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Much not saturated fatty acid can promote cholesterol metabolization to prevent fat to be in character liver and arterial wall deposit, reduce plaque to condense ability, prevent thrombosis. Prevent blood-vessel to injure the inflammation of the face to react, have favorable protective effect to blood-vessel, can prevent effectively and slow down is diabetic complication.

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