Heat of 200 thousand tourist boosts activity of Cultural Festival of harbor of month of first dragon sea

From good year 30 to the first month of the lunar year 16, by a definite date activity of Cultural Festival of harbor of month of first dragon sea, attracted nearly 200 thousand tourist to head for, let internal heat of this byssus ancient city indeed.

Benciwen changes a section to find trace with lunar harbor, the byssus that pursue a dream gives priority to a problem, give priority to an assembly room with area of scene of lunar harbor history, food of Long Hai characteristic is held to exhibit in lotus park, palace of town god’s temple, Queen of he爱上海同城

aven sets riddles written on lanterns to meet, face Jiang Gu street to set market of cate of dragon sea characteristic. In addition, the bamboo pole that has the distinguishing feature austra上海千花网

l powerful Fujian jumps, the folk-custom activity such as the pattern a ball made of strips of silk, city that attack artillery piece also is begun in succession. Lunar harbor regards maritime the Silk Road as one of birthplace, all previous classics ablution of 600 years of harships, still withholding up to now 7 face alley of the sea ancient haven, 爱上海

town god’s temple, temple that watch the sea, sail, Yan Hai greatly the 上海龙凤论坛

rich and generous historic site such as the building offers as a gift 上海贵族宝贝论坛

charm. (Lan Zhanghui article of handsome of Guo of big fine horse / graph爱上海同城对对碰


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