See local tyrant gold again! Suo Ni is pushed ” appear on the market one anniversary edition ” the country goes PS4

Appear on the market one year in China to celebrate PlayStation, thank the support of broad player if things go on like this and deep love, recreation of Suo Ni computer (Shanghai) limited company and Suo Lewen of Shanghai Oriental bright phearl change development limited company to announce now, will appear on the market at was in China of PlayStation 4 of put on sale of set limit to of chinese mainland area on March 20 suit of one anniversary edition, proposal retail price 2899 yuan of RMBs, set limit to 1320. This day step aside is put make an appointment, the player can pass store of flagship of government of PlayStation day cat, Suo Ni inn of authorization of government of cat of day of store of flagship of government of cat of day of online store of inn of Chinese straight battalion, Suo Ni China, Suo Ni, PlayStation (Chinese king number specializes in inn, Suo Gui number.

PlayStation China appears on the market suit of one anniversary edition includes: PS4 lead plane (white) China of one stage, PlayStation appears on the market chamfer of hard disk of one anniversary edition builds, anniversary ceremony box, additional give DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller (aureate) . Among them anniversary ceremony box is embedded PlayStation custom-built T-shirt, a week age reads aloud jotter, and a year of golden anniversary blocks a piece.

Besides rich and generous content, playStation China appears on the market suit of one anniversary edition will with put on sale of form of set limit to, only 1320, souvenir imprints on lid of chamfer of edition hard disk 0001 come the exclusive number of 1320 (number extends randomly) , provide extremely collect value.

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