[the smoke wine harm to spermatozoon] – of harm of _ of _ smoke wine

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Many males exist to smoke to drink again already these two kinds of bad habits, although these two kinds of bad habits can rise to alleviate the effect of mental pressure, but harm to one the individual’s body however very big. Have to be in especially for the male between pregnancy, Shanghai night net

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Want as far as possible wine of give up smoke, because smoke wine is right,the spermatozoon of a male can create serious dangerForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Kill. Today’s article will be the harm that wine of smoke of male friend popular science forms to spermatozoon.

The smoke wine harm to spermatozoon

Smoke wine has to spermatozoon what is endangered

The expert makes clear: Smoking and excessive drinking are the archenemy of spermatozoon. The body of some males is right1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The toxin in cigarette is quite sensitive, once,the nicotine in cigarette can kill and wound spermatozoon male Buddhist monastic discipline besides smoking, medium sex stimulates blood to be able to increase. A M.d. claims: The place in seminal fluid of the person that smoke contains spermatozoon amount to compare the person that do not suck little, and the number of abnormal spermatozoon is more.

The smoke wine harm to spermatozoon

If grown man smokes 30 cigarette everyday, the surviving rate of spermatozoon is only 40% , at the same time spermatozoon deformation leads heighten. Seeing long-term and many smoking is to bring about barren one of main factors. Excessive drinking can bring about germen function to reduce not only, make the chromosome in spermatozoon unusual, bring about fetal deformation thereby or development is undesirable. Answer because of this adolescent period the habit that nurturance is far from smoke wine. After the adult, even if not wine of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, also should notice not excessive.

Above is opposite about vigilant smoke wine namely the relevant introduction of the influence of spermatozoon, expert clew: When occurrence seminal fluid is unusual, should cause enough take seriously, have treatment actively, treatment is seminal and unusual do not medicine of illicit for private use, should undertake checking to professional hospital, the basis checks the cure of result specific aim, just be to haveA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Effect treats seminal and unusual optimal method.

The smoke wine harm to spermatozoon

Above is what everybody introduces to be opposite about smoke wine today namely the influence of spermatozoon a few knowledge, still want in the lifeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Great attention the body, keep wholesome, have a medical check-up regularly, life work and rest wants the rule, food wants balanced. Once discover the body,appear unwell symptom still needs to go to a hospital in time seeing a doctor.

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