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Glans explodes leather circumstance is now so infrequent, very much patient is to may appear this kind of circumstance, this is mixed namely glans is phlogistic it is to have particular concern, and the cause that causes this kind of disease still is more complex, very much patient is coming on inchoate when it is to do not have method to find real illness reason, do not have method suit the remedy to the case thereby, make the illness symptom that gets oneself becomes even more aggravating.

Glans explodes how does the skin return a responsibility

Wrapping glans is phlogistic concern with a variety of elements, can divide affect sexual factor to affect sexual element and blame. Inside bursa of the wrapping below normal circumstance but the bacterium with many parasitism, microzyme and shuttle form helicoid, and when local or systemic resistance is abate, these are microbial can become the pathogen that cause disease. Cause with the bacterium give priority to, be like coliform organisms, grape coccus, streptococcic, it is beads bacterium next, trichomonad, raise diplococcus of former put oneself in another’s position, garment former put oneself in another’s position, clap to wait to also can cause wrapping glans inflammation.

Blame infection element has uric fluid, basic material (like cleaner) pledge with exotic (like condom) thorn1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Stimulate; attrition and traumatic; wrapping to grow too cleanness brings about wrapping dirty accumulation to wait to be able to be caused not quite rightLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The harm of glans wrapping mucous membrane, aggravating the infection of bacterium of all sorts of cause of disease.

Glans of sex of 1. acute simple table is phlogistic

What basically see Yu Xingsheng while still alive is jumped is medium youth, infection bacterium agrees with the bacterium individual plant of disease of vagina of sex of sexual spouse bacterium normally. At the beginning of having disease, local skin tide is red, self-conscious glans has urticant feeling of glowing feeling and Sao. Acute period turns over wrapping to see glans have fluid of oedema sex erythema, debaucjed, ooze and haemorrhage, serious person can appear blister. If afterwards sends infection, can form ulcer, go up exudation of Fu pus sex, local ache and tenderness are apparent. Partial patient can be accompanied hair is light spend systemic symptom, be like fatigue, lack of power etc. Chronic period see wrapping only insideSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Board have a shape tide with coronal shape channel red, or show chap of broken porcelain appearance.

Glans explodes how does the skin return a responsibility

Glans of sex of 2. cricoid canker is phlogistic

The inchoate mucous membrane that may be Reites disease is damaged, or be with wrappingNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The long-term stimulation of dirty is concerned. Clinical expression produces erythema for glans, expand gradually, show cricoid or much more cricoid, can form shallow ulcer later. This ill main feature comes to there is on glans several circles focus of a disease, gules debaucjed face is among, the brim shows white narrow strip, become repeatedly cricoid. If afterwards sends infection to be able to make a symptom aggravating, lose its circular feature.

3. beads bacterium1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Sexual glans is phlogistic

By beads bacterium infection is caused, with white beads bacterium the commonnest. Clinical expression is wrapping and glans erythema, surface smooth, periphery has a few to take off bits, all round medicinal powder in hammock bleb or small pustular, slow to all round expand. Acute period can appear fluid of oedema sex erythema, debaucjed, ooze. Serious person can affect phallic body, scrotal, the place such as inside and groin. It is by the gender the contact infects be caused by more, also Ke Jifa at diabetic, after using up sexual disease and long-term and many antibiotic or hormone cure.

Glans explodes how does the skin return a responsibility

Glans of sex of 4. oar cell is phlogistic

Middleaged patient sees more. Do not have apparently self-conscious symptom commonly. Glans happening endurance, limitation, wellability, dark Gong Zong is lubriciousForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Spot piece, attrib border and clear, the surface is slick, have a lot of little red places or debaucjed, easy haemorrhage, do not form ulcer. Constituent pathology has diagnostic value, its feature is have in dermal shallow-layer banding inflammation cell soak, its be intermingled has many oar cell.

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