[how long chop blast is OK ripe]

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When passing a part too every time, everybody can buy a few fish and pork, the mainest is chop and pork it is little not, in at ordinary times chop is OK scamper also can be stewed, nevertheless deepfry is dischargedLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Bone will be a few more delicious, because be deepfry food after all, very the jubilation that suffers a youth, chop is general the time of scamper, had better be not to want under ten minutes, because bone adds the flesh to be able to be compared hard,

How long chop blast is OK ripe

Scamper chop is used 7 into oil lukewarm best, expert is put in left and right sides of on oil 4 centimeter, it is OK that the feeling warms a hand issue chop blast, do not want scamper to get too ham better, although scamper gets what golden gold fizzles out,be like very good-looking1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, but coming is not very healthy, 2 come the time of scamper is too long the flesh can harden character and hair is anxious, mouthfeel is poor far.

[advocate expect]

Chop 500 grams, plant is oily 1500 grams.

[complementary makings]

Egg 20 grams, flour 100 grams, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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White sesame seed 50 grams.

How long chop blast is OK ripe


1, chop chop is become 2 to 3 centimeters piece, in putting weak salt solution, immerse, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forumA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Change water, abluent blood water.

2, fish out waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall.

3, tender flesh pink leaves with water , enter mix inside chop divide evenly, put again green, Jiang Mo, salt, unripe smoke mix divide evenly, bloat half hours.

4, put starch of egg, white sesame seed, corn.

How long chop blast is OK ripe

5, mix is even.

6, oil is put to make an appointment with 1.5 jins inside boiler, burn to 7 into heat.

7, put chop bomb to eight mature fish out.

8, oil is burned to 9 into heat, put chop answer bomb.

9, give boiler to install dish

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